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Tara: Romania
Oras: Bucharest
Perioada: 27.05.2019 - 30.05.2019


8th European Aeronautics Days
Bucharest, Romania
27 - 30 May, 2019

For almost three decades the European Aeronautics Days (Aerodays) has been the leading event in aviation research and innovation, mirroring the priorities and strategies set within the European Union Research Framework Programmes. The 8th edition of Aerodays builds on the achievements of Horizon 2020, the biggest EU research and innovation programme to date, and it is based on a new approach with two integrated events organized in Romania, in 2019, and Germany, in 2020. Coordinated under a synergic concept, TandemAEROdays19.20, these two events will provide a solid platform to share and review the latest developments in aeronautics and air transport across the European Union, further strengthening its leadership on a highly competitive and strategic international market. market



Conference venue

The Tandem AEROdays 2019 Bucharest Conference will take place at the Palace of Parliament. The building selected for the conference is the second largest administrative building in the      world and houses the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate but also serves as an international conference center, with modern facilities designed for high level meetings and events.

Address:    2-4 Izvor Street, C1 Entrance, Bucharest, Romania  

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